Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A-Mei Star Tour Concert Live in Malaysia 2009

A-Mei Star Tour Concert Live in Malaysia
20th March 2009, 8.45pm
Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
Organized by:            Galaxy Group
Fully Supported by:   Tourism Malaysia
Jointly presented by: Hotlink & Munchy’s

What I have done last Friday after work? Indubitability, I was in Bukit Jalil Stadium with my best concert kaki Gai Gai rocking in Asia’s Queen of Mandopp – A-Mei’s Star Tour Concert Live in Malaysia!
Best Concert Kaki - Jet / Gai Gai
I was looking towards to A Mei’s concert for 6 years and no doubt, I will never let this chance to slip from my hand! Both of us really enjoy it and watched the show with our eyes wide shut!

A-Mei Star Tour Live in Malaysia was freaking hot that young kids to old folks enjoyed it! But, there were still many of them couldn’t take the heat especially the girl sit next to me. She really cannot admit the hot and her “calmness” makes me feels like I’m a lunacy one as I was enjoy myself in A-Mei’s superb nice voice!

Ardor of the fans makes A-Mei cried from the beginning. 18,000 fans tutti the song [记得] all together and makes A-Mei be bursting to cry and said: “你们怎么可以让我一出场就想哭呢” A-Mei was moved to tears several times as adoring fans screamed her name and declared their undying love, and she thought of the dribs and drabs happened since she became a singer.

From the moment she made her entrance, temperatures shot up to an all-time high in this 3 hours concert! The unending stream from the moment she made her entrance seriously occasion to her song: “让我们get high!”

Over three hours long, A-Mei’s concert lasted till midnight with her singing some 40 songs. In these three hours, there is no “stage wait” because A-Mei’s songs are too well known and everybody can sing together with her!

Still remain the same; I lost my voice after the concert like the past time. I’ve been mocked by Jeff the next day when we have gathering. He said: “唱歌的人都没有沙哑。你是去观看演唱会的人竟然沙哑?!” [Holly shit….!!]

Anyway, I really enjoyed this superb rocked concert!

Look forward to her next concert.

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