Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Happie Today...

I know it been very late for bed now…
But, I still wanted to “record” my feelings and thought right now before it gone…


Because my best buddy (Jeff) and best sister (Sloane) are getting married tomorrow!
Time flies....!! 
I still can remember the scene when both of them first met. I can still remember that night at Hartini Mamak Stall in Wangsa Maju... hehe...

And now, Jeff going to marry Sloane & Sloane going to be Jeff’s wifey tomorrow!
I’m just coming back from their “Last Single Day” Farewell Party… Yes, “theirs’”!
I went to Jeff’s house at Puchong and rush to Sloane’s house at Damansara after that…
This must be credited to my Housemate: Christina for fetching me here and there…

Well, it is kinda a weird feeling for me that both of my best friends from two different gang getting hitch.
It is hard for me to describe this weird feeling.
Just felt touch as finally both of them decided to be husband-and-wife, and living their entire life hand-by-hand together!
Nevertheless, I am very happy for both of them who had deserved their own happiness…

Well, it’s time to bed before I become a super big panda tomorrow in their morning wedding session =)

Last but not least, may both of my beloved darling stay happiness ‘long long live live’!

Look forward to their big day tomorrow!

Say SAYONARA to Jeff & Sloane’s single life!

Lots and lots of love and wishes, xoxo…


  1. The wedding photos are really nice. I like the angle of the last photo been taken. Congrats to your buddy!

  2. Yeap! totally agree! Awesome photos taken. Have fun during the wedding ceremony Qiao! =D

  3. Superman: Thanks on behalf of my best sis & bro ^^ Can text me for the bridal shop if you wanna have yours. hehe...=)

    Sarah: Thanks dear. Yeap.. Really enjoyed! But very exhausted!

  4. so nice photos~
    so are you the "hong niang" between them? hehe

  5. Elle: Erm... Can say so. But my sis likey my bro at first when we still studying in Diploma.Wahahaha.. Just my bro got gf that time and after that he went further study in US.

    So, since he got no gf after he came back to Malaysia, then I asked both of them out to yam cha and then turn like this lor.. LOL