Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[Old Sweet Time] Wedding Ceremony Preparations

I was sorting out and choosing nice pictures to blog about JS Wedding but suddenly, I saw a photo folder named [Wedding Ceremony Preparations @ Rasiah, Damai]. 

Wow! What a good memories and experience for me and my friends. So, I decided to put JS Wedding post aside and start posting about the old sweet time. (The post delay again as JS Wedding was held two months ago...LOL)

Still remember it was during our Internship period in Advanced Diploma. I have the chance to participate in the wedding ceremony preparations was because of Hui Ly & Peggy were having their internship at Rassiah.

Rassiah actually is a suitable place for having a garden wedding. Because the environment there is very peaceful & romantic.

Still remember that couple wants to have a White Wedding.So here goes the preparation progress....

White ribbons are required to tight on the trees
Our idea: tight the wine glass on the tree... special right?
Flower petals are pepper along the road to make the environment more romantic

I still remember one thing very funny. We are required to do flower arrangement and non of us know how to do it. But the manager seems like have the confidence on our skills and keep encouranging us to make our first move.

 Haha... Imaginable, the flowers are superb ugly and ridiculous!
 The flower arrangement we did. hahaha... I know its super ugly!

...and then, I think a kakak cannot stand our stupid skills and our arts cells, so she make another one for spare.
See! Such a different!

Finally, all things are done and waiting for the guests to come...

Group photos is a must before we leave...

Noticed this before we left... Thats a board with the Bride and the Bridegroom's name on it...
But we felt it looks like a "Wreath for Funeral"... hahaha....(No offence ok!)
...and we looked back at the venue and its really look like a "funeral" with the white ribbons flying in the wind... hahahha...

Having a White Wedding? Think twice ok? Haha...

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