Wednesday, January 27, 2010

我家小魔鬼头 三岁了!

小恶魔今年 3岁了!

其实小魔鬼头喜欢的是当今红不让的 Ben 10
不过,表妹说买不到 Ben 10 的蛋糕,就买了我们的年代蛮红的 Spiderman 给他。




身为 薇姐姐 的我当然不会忘记我的宝贝小魔鬼头的生日啦!
用3G 在另一头帮他唱生日歌了。



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Steamboat Gathering Party

This post suppose to be up last year but due to Ms. Weiz laziness, this post finally been up on the New Year. (But at least I had done it before Chinese New Year, okay?)
After a controversy discussion among all of us and my objection to not to have BBQ again, so we decided to have a Steamboat Gathering this time. The venue still remain at Ken’s house.

As the time period was before Christmas 2009, hence, we all agreed to have a present exchange session during Steamboat. Once Ms. Peggy told me about it, "umbrella" came out in my mind (don't ask me why).

Since the budget for the present exchange was between MYR 20 ~ 30, so, the intelligent girl like me got an umbrella from Giodarno as it just "ngam ngam" RM 20.00.

Its "BRANDED" anyway and its useful no matter sunny day or rainny day, okay? So stop dislike and avoided it okay? LOL.

Group photos taken with the presents before exchange

Can't wait to see what is inside the wrapping papers

Oh yea! Did I mentioned about my dear -- Sloane has a 5 weeks baby growing in her stomach before? No? Well, Jeff & Sloane going to have their first child in August 2010! Wow... Can imagine there is a baby boy / girl joining us for our gathering soon...LOL.

Since she is the first one who get married and pregnant among all of us, everyone treated her as a QUEEN while she reached Ken's house that night. Prepare drinks and seat for her courteously like servants. Haha....

The Queen and the Servant.. LOL

It is very rare that these four girls gathered again and of course we won't forget to take a group photos on such a golden opportunity. =)
on 2007, four of us were still single.
on 2009, four of us took the group photos during JS Wedding and now...
taking with Sloane's BB...hehe...

Hope Jeff & Sloane will have a healthy & happy baby!

** Sloane said:" Baby say Hi to everyone!"